Massa wants to challenge Alonso

by Michelle Fortune , 23 January 2013

Felipe Massa will be trying everything he can get finish ahead of his Ferrari team-mate Fernando Alonso this year.

While Alonso has competed for world titles since joining Ferrari, Massa has struggled to get points on the board and at one point looked set to be replaced midway through the 2012 season.

With his seat in danger Massa began to score regularly and managed to close the gap on his team-mate, giving I’m the confidence he needs heading into 2013.

"I think you are always comparing with strong drivers, you are in the top level in the world. Many people sometimes think maybe he's behind his team-mate by two tenths and sometimes people think it's negative, but you are in the top of the top in the world. Sometimes we forget that," Massa said in a Ferrari web chat.

"I think when you are behind you need to work to be in front and that's what I'm doing. I will try everything to be in front of my team-mate, but also everybody is racing with me."

Massa narrowly missed out on the world championship in 2008 when Lewis Hamilton got the points he needed at the season-ending Brazilian Grand Prix.

He has never managed to reach the same heights but he insists he still has what it takes to compete for the championship and is determined to price himself again.

"Always when you are not in front of your team-mate, or whoever is racing with you, you are not 100% happy," he added.

"You are only 100% happy when you are in front and winning the race, winning the championship or whatever. When you are in front is what makes you the most happy guy in the world.

"But I think having a strong team-mate makes you better as well. I think you learn a lot more and I think definitely when you are in a top team, for sure, you're going to have a strong team-mate; when you drive for Ferrari you're going to have a strong team-mate. This is what happened in all these years I have been racing for Ferrari, so I had Michael Schumacher, I had Kimi Raikkonen and I had Fernando Alonso."

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