Brawn confident of good results

by Michelle Fortune , 05 April 2012

Ross Brawn is confident Mercedes can start delivering good results after finally getting to the bottom of their tyre issues.

Mercedes enjoyed a strong qualifying performance in both Australia and Malaysia but this did not transfer to the race with the tyres overheating in Melbourne before failing to get up to the right temperature in Sepang.

There were suggestions that the team had focused too much on having producing a car capable of doing well in qualifying rather than in the race, but Brawn is confident the team can start delivering in the races.

"We have too narrow a window in which we are operating the car - and we have to broaden that, and build more tolerance into how we are using the tyres," explained Brawn.

"When we encounter challenges like this, we look at all areas of the car and we challenge ourselves collectively to find the solutions we need. But our qualifying speed tells us that the fundamentals of performance are there: you can't do the lap times if you don't have enough downforce, horsepower or a good chassis.

"Our objective is to build the best car we can for the race - and our qualifying performances are a consequence of that," he added.

"Nothing has been consciously done to focus on making the car quick in qualifying, and not so good in the race, because under the current rules - with DRS and the number of pitstops - there are no real rewards for doing so.

"Using the tyres properly is vital for success, and it depends on a number of factors, including set-up, the downforce the car is generating and the drivers' approach. Within the set-up variations we can choose, we have the opportunity to find the right solution. But it's a learning process, and we missed the mark at the first two races."

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