Live GAA on PPV


The 2009/2010 FA Cup will be LIVE on the channel.

Setanta Sports will telecast LIVE & exclusive matches this season.

Setanta Sports will show many friendlies mostly from European countries.

Setanta broadcasts 60 regular season matches LIVE, including all divisional play-off games.

Setanta broadcasts at least 25 LIVE Carling Cup matches for the season.

MUTV is found every week, exclusively on Setanta Sports.

Chelsea TV is found every week, exclusively on Setanta Sports.

Setanta Sports will show approximately two LIVE or nearly live French league games per week.

The Russian Premier Liga is the top division of Russian football. Setanta Sports will have 60 live matches per season.

The Scottish Premier League (Clydesdale Bank Premier League) is the top division within the current structure of Scottish Football Association (SFA)

The UEFA U21 Championship is where some of Europe's best footballers got their start. Watch the 2009 tournament in Sweden, LIVE on Setanta Sports!

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