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Setanta Sports will telecast LIVE & exclusive matches this season. For our current schedule, please see Setanta's Schedules pages.


Here is a look at some of Setanta Sports' US Barclays Premier League offerings until 28th February 2010. Matches marked with an asterix (*) will likely be delayed to play at at time when they don't conflict with another live Barclays Premier League match. All times Eastern (ET).  



Date Day Month  Kick Off Home Team   Away Team
01/16/2010 Sat Jan 10:00am Manchester United   Burnley
01/16/2010 Sat Jan 10:00am* Tottenham Hotspur   Hull City
01/16/2010 Sat Jan 10:00am* Wolverhampton Wanderers Wigan Athletic
01/17/2010 Sun Jan 08:30am Aston Villa West Ham
01/20/2010 Wed Jan 03:00pm* Liverpool Tottenham Hotspur
01/23/2010 Sat Jan 03:00pm* Manchester United Hull City
01/26/2010 Tue Jan 02:45pm Wolverhampton Wanderers Liverpool
01/26/2010 Tue Jan 02:45pm* Portsmouth West Ham United
01/27/2010 Wed Jan 02:45pm* Aston Villa Arsenal
01/27/2010 Wed Jan 03:00pm* Everton Sunderland
01/30/2010 Sat Jan 10:00am Liverpool Bolton Wanderers
01/30/2010 Sat Jan 10:00am* Hull City Wolverhampton Wanderers
01/30/2010 Sat Jan 10:00am* West Ham United Blackburn Rovers
01/31/2010 Sun Jan 08:30am Manchester City Portsmouth
02/02/2010 Tue Feb 02.45pm West Ham United Wolverhampton Wanderers
02/06/2010 Sat Feb 10:00am Manchester United Portsmouth
02/06/2010 Sat Feb 10:00am* Bolton Wanderers Fulham
02/06/2010 Sat Feb 10:00am* Burnley West Ham United
02/07/2010 Sun Feb 08:30am Birmingham City Wolverhampton Wanderers
02/09/2010 Tue Feb 02:45pm Manchester City Bolton Wanderers
02/09/2010 Tue Feb 02:45pm* Portsmouth Sunderland
02/10/2010 Wed Feb 02:45pm Arsenal Liverpool
02/10/2010 Wed Feb 02:45pm* West Ham United Birmingham City
02/10/2010 Wed Feb 02:45pm* Everton Chelsea
02/16/2010 Tue Feb 02:45pm Stoke City Manchester City
02/20/2010 Sat Feb 10:00am Arsenal Sunderland
02/20/2010 Sat Feb 10:00am* West Ham United Hull City
02/21/2010 Sun Feb 08:30am Aston Villa Burnley
02/21/2010 Sun Feb 10.00am* Fulham Birmingham City
02/27/2010 Sat Feb 10:00am Manchester United West Ham United
02/27/2010 Sat Feb 10:00am* Birmingham City Wigan Athletic
02/27/2010 Sat Feb 10:00am* Bolton Wanderers Wolverhampton Wanderers
02/28/2010 Sun Feb 08:30am Tottenham Hotspur Everton


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